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Employee development is your biggest competitive advantage. Your people are your greatest asset—more important than cash or inventory. They make or break the success of your business. Their innovative ideas will take your organization to the next level, and their dedication will ramp up your productivity. That means you need to grow them as assets, boosting their contribution to your bottom line—which requires a quality program or course focused on leadership skills training, clear goal-setting, and an actionable plan for advancement.

A highly skilled professional trainer will help you get the most from your people, shaping your next generation of executives as you plan for succession and fine-tuning the skills of your current leaders.

What Are Joel’s Most Popular Training Courses?

Executive Presence: 4 Ways to Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader

To succeed at a high level, a leader needs to cultivate executive presence. In this course, audience members will learn to radiate gravitas, gain trust from everyone they work with, communicate decisively and effectively, and emanate conviction in their ideas.

 Career Advancement: Release Untapped Potential of Underutilized Leaders

You have a vast amount of talent in your organization already, although much of it may remain invisible. Discover your hidden stars, cultivate their growth, and then empower them to move forward in their careers. Empower them to think creatively and voice their ideas with confidence when speaking to peers, direct reports, and leaders. Whether your hidden talent remains unseen because of gender bias, cultural disparities, or lack of self-confidence, unlock their hidden potential and unleash their leadership ability.

The Power of Perception: Reputations Are Built on Perception

Your organization will thrive when all employees have a high level of self-awareness. When everyone cares about cultivating a positive self-perception, they’ll strive to communicate effectively in all situations and represent themselves and their team in a positive light at all times. By striving to improve how others perceive them, all employees will strengthen their contribution. In this course, participants will learn to identify how coworkers, bosses, and subordinates truly perceive them. They’ll also gain experience in communicating their value to the organization as a whole, so they can rise through the ranks and grow with the company. This is how you get ahead at work and gain the recognition you deserve.

“You stole the show! Registrants told us that they thoroughly enjoyed the program. In fact, one woman said, 'I learned more in the 1st 15 min of Joel’s presentation than I do at many conferences.'”


"Thanks again for the outstanding training. Your insight and expertise regarding the leadership values of perception and influence is outstanding. We received only positive feedback."

Chris Grim, Group Vice-President – Enterprise Performance ManagementORACLE

What happens when companies fail to invest in their people
through solid leadership skills trainings?

Consider these facts:

  • You may lose 1% – 2.5% of your total profits when replacing an employee, due to the learning curve and lost productivity that result.
  • Up to 25% of new hires might leave in their first year if they don’t feel supported by quality trainings that build their leadership skills.
  • Replacing an employee who left because he felt undervalued costs 1.5 – 2 times that employee’s salary.

Through a leadership skills training course, you’ll raise your productivity, improve performance and profits, and boost employee morale. Joel delivers leadership training courses for executives, aspiring leaders, and senior and middle managers, as well as courses for emerging leaders that are customized to your organization’s needs.

Bring Emerging Leaders to the Next Level with an Executive Leadership Skills Training

Your emerging leaders will one day become the next generation of senior executives—provided they stay engaged and loyal. You may not even have discovered all of them yet—chances are, you have a wealth of untapped talent in your company right now. Once you show them the opportunities available to them through a quality course in leadership skills training, you’ll prime them to become the leaders who take your organization to the next level.

How Do Leadership Trainings Benefit Your Organization?

Leadership trainings benefit the overall organization, not just individual employees. In addition to giving each employee an updated skillset and enhanced job satisfaction, a customized leadership training delivers the following rewards:

  • Strong employee engagement. Employees are most engaged when they feel empowered to go above and beyond what they’re required to do. As they find creative ways to contribute that utilize their unique skillset, they’ll become more committed to the success of the organization as well as their own success.
  • Identification of future leaders. Joel will explain how to identify employees with strong leadership potential and work with them to cultivate their growth. Through targeted training, you’ll open new career pathways for your newly discovered talent. By doing so, you’ll boost retention and engage in effective succession planning.
  • Offer promotion opportunities. A leadership training course will prime your current staff for promotion by teaching them to proactively manage their own career. Rather than recruiting and training new staff, you’ll save time and money by hiring existing employees—all while boosting morale substantially. Your rising leaders will understand your company inside and out, and you’ll already have a high level of trust in them, making it a win-win.
  • Expand leadership abilities. All leaders have room to grow, no matter what level they are at. Joel’s customizable leadership training courses on time-management, the power of perception, work-life balance, executive presence, and many other topics will strengthen your team’s existing abilities and turn their weaknesses into strengths.
  • Provide networking opportunities. Through these courses, audience members will learn about their peers’ backgrounds and skills in more depth. They’ll connect with each other through sharing this impactful experience as well, opening opportunities to mentor one another and support each other’s continued development.
  • Recruit stronger talent. When you provide your budding leaders with a quality leadership training program, your company will become seen as a great place to work. As a result, you’ll attract top talent to your team while reducing turnover.

In a leadership skills training or executive development program, participants will learn to think more creatively about how to get where they want to go. They’ll leave feeling excited to forge ahead in their careers, while knowing they can get there within your company. By showing employees that you’re committed to their growth, you’ll strengthen their loyalty and develop a strong succession plan.

Joel can deliver a training for your employees, rising leaders, or executives in four different formats. You can choose whichever format best fits your company culture and your objectives for the training.

How Does This Training Process Work?

Joel tailors his trainings to your needs, so you’ll get the results you demand. He’ll customize a half-day course or a full-day training in leadership skills that addresses the distinct challenges, culture, and goals of your organization. Joel delivers his signature strategies with a dynamic, interactive style that centers on audience participation. He can also adapt his presentations into mini-seminars lasting from 60 to 120 minutes, and he offers webinars as well, allowing people to attend in real time from anywhere on the globe.

To prepare his custom presentations, Joel researches a company’s culture, key challenges, and goals extensively, so he’ll be able to speak to the specific needs of its staff and leaders. The level of detail and customization he provides makes the whole experience as relevant and impactful as possible. Employees can immediately begin applying his hands-on strategies to their work. To drive home the lessons he shares, Joel uses real-life stories from the thousands of clients he has worked with, presenting inspirational stories that will show every employee that they have what it takes to succeed.

Joel’s 4 Leadership Training Formats


Joel will set the tone for your event by delivering an inspirational speech on one of his subjects of expertise.

Through his keynotes, Joel instills key concepts that attendees should know, creating a balance between motivation, training, and action. A keynote speech by a top speaker like Joel sets the stage for a successful event and has a lasting effect on employee behavior and company culture. Joel’s dynamic, engaging style ensures people absorb the material and retain the practical strategies on getting ahead that he provides them with, allowing them to begin applying their knowledge as they take on new challenges. He’ll help participants to recognize their hidden potential and create a roadmap for getting to the level they want to reach in their career.

As a change agent, Joel delivers actionable tools and techniques that will continue to improve participants’ performance long after the speech ends. He’ll catalyze growth that moves people out of their comfort zones, prompting them to embark on new and exciting challenges.

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Joel will provide top-tier trainings in an accessible, scalable format that people can attend from any location.


Joel’s online webinars will maximize your return on your investment by minimizing the cost of a high-quality motivational training. Audience members will interact with Joel in real time without leaving their desk or meeting room. If your workforce is dispersed across a broad geographic location, a webinar with Joel will provide them all with the highest quality training at the same time. And because there’s no limit to the number of participants, a webinar with Joel is extremely scalable—you can invite a group of 10 or 10,000. Through this efficient corporate training format, you’ll prepare your current and future leaders for immediate and continued success.

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Corporate Trainings

Joel will hone in on the specific topic that’s most relevant to your organization, customizing the presentation to your needs.

In his customized training courses for executives and other leaders, Joel speaks to audiences at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. He’s a master of discovering hidden talent and crafting a plan that will bring each employee to success. Developing your underutilized staff members will give you a competitive advantage by boosting retention, engagement, and leadership ability. Employee morale will skyrocket, as employees will feel deeply valued and know that opportunities will continue to open up for them within your organization.

By investing in their growth, you’ll prepare them to take on more ambitious challenges that continue to increase their potential, your team’s motivation, and the performance of your business as a whole.

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Corporate Training Services

Leadership Development Programs

Joel will share knowledge, expand skillsets, and supercharge the growth of your current and emerging leaders.

Services - Leadership Development

Through in-depth leadership development programs, Joel provides intensive training that shifts perspectives and changes lives. To start the process, you’ll select 10 to 15 rising leaders who will embark on a six-month transformational journey with Joel. This comprehensive leadership development experience starts with a half-day seminar, and over a period of six months, participants will engage in one-on-one coaching with Joel that addresses their individual growth needs. They’ll also participate in webinars, peer coaching, group coaching sessions, three-way synchronized meetings that include Joel and their boss, and unlimited email support from Joel. To unleash your hidden leaders and accelerate their growth, initiate Joel’s leadership training program for your star talent. Staff morale and job satisfaction will skyrocket, giving you an impressive retention rate and a highly engaged workforce.

Joel’s customized approach will ensure you get exactly the training you need, too. When you need a truly transformational leadership development program, Joel will zero in on your goals and objectives to deliver exactly what your employees need to hear.

The four possible formats of Joel’s trainings each offer a high level of interaction, engagement, and learning. Through a collaborative learning process, participants increase their commitment to their personal and professional growth, as well as the success of their organization. Joel’s trainings nurture a passion for continued growth and a strong sense of self-confidence that leaves employees eager to keep tackling new challenges. As a result, you’ll have a more capable team of leaders who bring a profound level of enthusiasm and motivation to their daily work.

As his library of articles shows, he reveals practical techniques and tips that empower associations and corporate audiences to reach new levels of success.

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Speaking Testimonials

“Best workshop I’ve attended in 30 years of work life. The most thought provoking and enjoyable training I’ve ever experienced in my career.”

Kieran Major, Principle, Program ManagerAMERICAN AIRLINES

“Your enthusiasm, style and heart enabled the team to open up and really listen to the message. We hope to be able to bring you back every year to help us keep on track.”

Kathy Weiner, Enterprise Marketing, Sr. Manager Strategic AlliancesCISCO SYSTEMS, INC.

“Over 96% of my employees said they would enjoy hearing him speak again!”

Karen Habegger, Human Resources ManagerGENSLER

‘I attended a 1-day seminar with Joel on executive presence. Joel did a great job of facilitating this. It was insightful and at the same time filled with practical ideas one could implement right away. More importantly, Joel knew what he was talking about and I appreciated the absence of fluff and the focus on pragmatism.”

Sridhar Raman, Engineering LeaderINTUIT

“I thought your ‘Unlock Gifts at Work’ presentation was right on target for what we needed. I recommend that any organization needing to get the most out of its people use Joel Garfinkle.”

Jim Keene, Regional ManagerWELLS FARGO BANK

“Joel is a phenomenal speaker and instructor who’s able to capture the audience’s attention while engaging each person on an individual basis. I highly recommend him as an instructor.”

Jeanna Trammell, Technical Management Program ManagerUCLA EXTENSION

“Your seminar was informative and extremely thought provoking. I will be using the skills I learned today. Thank you for presenting a very important topic in today's work place.”

John Pruyn, Boston Health Care SystemU.S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS

“Your workshop was by far the best one I have attended, and I have attended a lot! At our Friday morning meeting I plan on debriefing my team on my experience and recommend that everyone attend when they have an opportunity. I am going to talk to our Executive Leadership Team about having you come on-site.”

Alexander Paragios, Account Manager, US GeneticsGenzyme, A Sanofi Company

“You have a keen ability to read your audience, build on the issues they raise and guide them through overcoming perceived versus real obstacles.”

John Morel, Alumni MBA Career AdvisorHAAS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your participation at the Kentucky SHRM Conference. I know that the success of our program is due, in no small part, to your involvement.”

Brad Whitworth, Senior Communications Manager, Strategic AlliancesCISCO SYSTEMS, INC.

“I thought your session was both insightful and impactful for my development as a leader. I have a lot of key take aways that I will utilize immediately to increase my executive presence. “

Ryan Weber, Regional DirectorH&R Block

“Joel conducted a workshop to my entire team about leadership, presence and influence. It was complete success. He was able to surface why our team was not been successful at having influential conversation and dialog. He was able to exercises and literature teach us how to be more influential and a strong partnership. This new behaviors we learned directly impacted our ability to be influential and build strong partnerships.”

Ernesto Boada, Vice President of Customer Experience TechnologyINTUIT

“Wow – what an amazing presentation you delivered on becoming a high-impact leader! You added great value to all our members and provided motivation in everyone’s career.”


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