3 Ways to Influence Your Employees through Empowerment

By March 1, 2012May 31st, 2020Employee Retention and Empowerment
3 Ways to Influence Your Employees through Empowerment

“The vision is really about empowering workers, giving them all the information about what’s going on so they can do a lot more than they’ve done in the past.”

~ Bill Gates

Influence is an important piece of the puzzle leading to organizational success. When you wield influence, you can transform an organization through the efforts of others. You are no longer alone in seeking your goals. Instead, your work is multiplied exponentially with the help of the employees you influence. However, influencing others is not always an easy task.

The role of empowerment.

In my post “which I wrote for Aspire Collaborative Services, I discuss how you can capitalize on the skills of the people around you by empowering them. Only when your team is empowered can you realize its true potential. It is through the empowerment of your employees that you inspire others to succeed. Your confidence in your employees’ abilities gives them greater faith in themselves. It also establishes a desire in them to perform well. No one wants to let down someone who has entrusted them with an important responsibility.

Three components of empowerment.

To this end, in my article, I offer three ways to influence your employees through empowerment. First, you should entrust them with important tasks, along with the power to make decisions pertaining to those tasks. Second, to further empower your employees, encourage them to come up with solutions to problems your organization is experiencing. Finally, when employee mistakes occur, leverage them into learning opportunities.

By empowering your employees, you can instill confidence in those around you.

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