3 Warning Signs That You Need to Increase Visibility at Work

By May 10, 2012April 15th, 2020Stand Out & Get Noticed @ Work!

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

~ Will Rogers

Are you asking yourself the question, “How do I increase visibility at work?” If you’re not, you should be. According to executive coach Joel Garfinkle, increasing your visibility and getting known in your organization is critical to landing the promotion you want, getting others to value your work, and getting ahead in your career.

So how do you judge if you’re visible enough or not? Here are three warning signs to help you determine whether you need to work on being more visible:

Warning #1: You pay no attention to branding.

Branding or creating a unique identity for yourself is crucial. Without creating your personal brand it can be incredibly difficult to stand out. Let’s face it: Your firm may be saturated with talented people just like you doing the exact same thing. So how do you stand out? Identify the key areas that you shine at and become known as an “expert” in those areas in your firm. By doing this you can very easily become the first person people go to when they need help in that area. This helps increase your visibility at work.

Warning #2: You’re afraid to take risks.

Do you speak up in meetings? Do you hold back at expressing an innovative idea you have for a new product? If you’re more comfortable taking on a passive role—staying in the safety of your comfort zone and hiding in the shadows while others take the limelight—don’t be alarmed if they’re the ones who land promotions and get ahead of you at work. To increase visibility you must be willing to take a risk. That means not being afraid to share your ideas and take responsibility for new tasks.

Warning #3: You rarely talk to senior executives.

Do you hang around the water cooler with your co-workers and have lunch with the same people every day? Do you ever try to strike up a conversation with upper-level management or attempt to get them to know you? Well, that’s definitely warning sign number three. Associate with people whom you aspire to be like and show them the value you provide to them. Try to get to know your boss’s boss and volunteer for opportunities that will give you a chance to interact with those above you.

To read a case study on how a senior director at a large corporation increased his visibility at work to get the promotion he wanted, head over to a recent blog post I wrote titled: Stand Out! Seven Ways to Increase Your Visibility at Work.

To learn how to use visibility along with perception and influence to get ahead in your career, read my new book, Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level.

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