6 ways a Professional Human Resources Certificate Will Help Your Career

6 ways a Professional Human Resources Certificate Will Help Your Career

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

~ Nelson Mandela

Gayle wanted to move up in her HR job.  After careful consideration, Gayle decided to complete her Professional Human Resources Certification.  She had been working in HR long enough that she could move forward with certification.

“I really wanted to be more competitive. I know HR can be a tough field,” She said.  While the course was not easy and the test challenging, it really lifted her to a new level. She gained knowledge and skills that were exactly what she needed to grow.

She hoped the Professional Human Resources Certification (PHR) –and the initials behind her name–would give her a competitive advantage.  It did.

“But I was surprised at all the other ways the training helped me,” Gayle said. “It really made a difference.”

Here are six ways a professional human resources certificate will help your hr career.

Life-long learner.

“You need to be re-certified every three years,” Gayle said, “So people know you are current on the newest best practices in HR.”  Gayle feels the program motivates her to keep learning and growing.

Increased credibility.

Those with the HR Certification can put the letters after their name.  Immediately, peers, leaders, and prospective employers know this person has reached a standard of ability.
The rating and testing is unbiased and demonstrates absolute knowledge of core skills.  “I feel like it gives me credibility,” Gayle says.  “I don’t have to toot my own horn.  The letters do it for me.”

Master of core HR principles.

The certification courses requires both learning and application in a real world environment.  Participants must demonstrate proficiency in key skills.  Employers know there’s less need to train new hires who have passed these exams.  Their skills sets and understanding of HR has already been validated.”
Because you need both education and practical experience for the test, employers know it’s not just theory,” Gayle said.  “You have practiced and applied it, too.”

Initiative and leadership.

“Not everyone takes this step,” Gayle says.  “It takes effort and really makes you a leader.” Gayle has also appreciated the professional group she’s become a part of.  “Having that connection to other PHR’s and SPHR’s creates a community and a network.”
Only about 130,000 people in 100 countries have mastered these exams.  That gives Gayle a leadership position.Respect from peers. “I find that my word seems to carry weight,” Gayle says.  Peers know her training and skills.  If she declares something as a best practice, her peers don’t question her.


The skills Gayle gained as she studied and prepared for the Professional Human Resources Certificate have been a great benefit.  “It’s really given me self-assurance,” Gayle said. “I feel a great deal of confidence in my ability to do my job.  And I know that I stand out as I market myself.”

Certification combines education, experience, and an examination to insure knowledge. It acts as a standard and a path to exceptional opportunities.  After getting her PHR certificate, Gayle was able to advance her career quickly. She said, “My new boss said that the certification weighted in my favor for getting the promotion,” Gayle said.

Are you wondering if certification is the next step to advance your career? Contact Joel for guidance in your career path.

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