10 Presentations to Recognize & Retain Your Employees

By March 17, 2014May 30th, 2020Employee Retention and Empowerment

“The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasures.”

~ Francoise Demotte Bille

Client Paul Asks:  I’m tired of the same-old recognition presentations.  I want my employees to know that I value them.  I want to retain my top talent.  But I want a fresh approach, a different way to recognize them.

Coach Joel Answers: You’re on the right track.  Recently, when companies were asked if they thought employee aptitude or attitude was most critical for success, they chose attitude.

When you reward employees with interesting presentations, you will enhance workplace attitudes and keep your key people happy.  But it doesn’t have to be boring.  You can make those announcements of great performance fun and interesting.

Add a little humor; do something zany or off the wall to brighten things up.  Or make it special or memorable. Here are a few ideas for doing just that.

1. A shout-out in a PowerPoint.

  • Place the commendation in the midst of a PowerPoint presentation. Imagine the impact on the room when a heartfelt commendation is presented, out-of-the blue in the middle of a meeting.

2. A message in fortune cookies.

  • Have fortune cookies made up with notes mentioning how great your employee or your team is. Then share them at a special presentation and see their faces light up.

3. A handwritten note.

  • A personal, handwritten note, while not a public declaration, represents your time and indicates your appreciation in a way that is unmatched. Regular affirmations, even private ones, can make the recipient look forward to coming to work each day.

4. An experience they’ll enjoy.

  • Find out your employee’s favorite restaurant and give them a gift certificate for that place. Or perhaps tickets for their team’s event.

5. A personalized gift.

  • Order a mug or T-shirt specially designed for the employee you want to recognize. Make the presentation and invite your worker to “dress down” and wear the T-shirt for the rest of the day. If it’s a mug, then fill it with his or her favorite coffee or tea.

6. A celebration.

  • Throw a party for the honoree. Order in munchies, party hats, or noise makers and let everyone know they are enjoying the break because of the great work of the employee you want to honor and retain.

7. A lunch.

  • Award the top team with a lunch on you. Let them enjoy some down time at a favorite lunch spot as a way of saying “Thank you for a job well done.”

8. A trophy.

  • Create a traveling “Good Job” trophy. It can sit on the desk of the employee you want to recognize for a week or two until the next worker is presented with the trophy.

9. A giant thank-you card.

  • Make a giant card. Put it on an easel and have everyone write one thing they appreciate about your star employee.

10. A whimsical sign.

  • Construct a large sign to honor your key player. It might be something that could hang outside his or her office for a period of time, letting everyone know about their colleague’s accomplishments.

Paul, employees always appreciate a financial reward for hard work, but a creative presentation can make your workers feel valued.  It will make the office more interesting and interactive.  And when your staff is having fun and knowing they are appreciated, they will want to stay with you.

If you’re looking for unusual or interesting employee retention presentations, contact Joel. He’ll help you improve the attitudes of your staff.

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