Change your Current Job into Your Dream Job

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“Champions don’t become champions in the ring- they are merely recognized there. If you want to see where someone develops into a champion, look at his daily routine”

~ John Maxwell


Some people slog through life thinking, This is as good as it gets. They put in hours, take their paycheck, and find joy someplace else.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. There’s a way you can find satisfaction in your current place of employment.  You won’t stay in the same spot. Instead, I’ll show you four quick ways to take your career to another level while sticking with the security of your current employer.

  • Write your dream job description.
  • Find areas in your current job that match your dream job
  • Look to add value around you
  • Delegate the dregs

Let’s take a look at how to land your dream job sooner than you believed possible, through these four tactics.

1. Write your dream job description.

Everyone deserves to go to work with eagerness and delight at what they day will bring.  They should work from their strengths and core values. Fulfillment comes when you feel you are making a meaningful difference.

The first step to create your dream job is to define what it is—and what it is not.  Sometimes this is harder than you think!  Then a career coach can help you find those insights and core values that motivate you to succeed.

If you don’t know what makes you happy, you’ll have a hard time defining your ideal job.  So take time to carefully study what your strengths are and what you’d like to spend the majority of your time doing.

2. Find areas in your current job that match your dream job.

Look at your current responsibilities. Which ones do you enjoy doing? Which types of responsibilities fit with your dream job description?

These are the ones you want to expand on.  Look for ways to increase the amount of time you spend on these jobs.  Perhaps a co-worker hates the very work you love.  You could look at taking on some of that added responsibility. As you work to your strengths, you will shine.

3. Look to add value around you.

Because you are skilled in your “dream areas,” you have a nice level of expertise in them.  Continue to grow that expertise.  Be available to take on extra work in that area.  Because it’s fun for you and you enjoy it, it won’t feel like work.

Because you are eager to assume that responsibility, you’ll earn the gratitude and recognition of your bosses.  You may become the go-to person for that area of the work.  More work will come your way, and soon, you’ll have merged into your dream career.
Your added value will make it easy to then ask for the pay you want.

4. Delegate the Dregs.

You also want to look at the parts of your job you hate. Find an honorable way to do less of them. Because every person has different strengths and skills, one of your co-workers may love that job.  Look for ways to trade jobs so you can get the ones you love and your co-workers take from you the ones you hate.

Sometimes just getting rid of the worst jobs can help you love your job more—especially if it frees up time for those projects you love.

As you take these four steps, you can morph your current job into your dream job. Write your dream job description.  Expand your value to the company by sharing your strengths and delegating jobs you don’t like. Get the satisfaction you deserve.

Joel’s career coaching opens up opportunities to discover your strengths and find or create your dream job. Take that next step in your career today!  Find joy in your work now. Email Joel and learn how to find your dream job—or even how to change your current job into that dream job.

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