Salary Negotiation Coaching

Get paid what you’re worth

Like most people, you probably feel your work is worth more than the salary you make. You want a compensation that reflects the actual value you bring to your company.

It’s time to have the courage to ask for the money you deserve. Whether you’re considering a new job or asking for a raise, the 10-Step Get Paid What You’re Worth Program will teach you the salary negotiation strategies you need to negotiate the highest amount possible. You will:

  • Get the raise or salary that feels impossible to achieve.
  • Identify over 50 benefits, perks and concessions to negotiate.
  • Overcome the most common fears that make you reluctant to ask for a raise.
  • Leverage the 15 secrets to negotiating the highest amount.
  • Communicate the 22 proven strategies to become the #1 candidate so you can negotiate a top salary.
Fear hinders your negotiation process

Why do most people fear the negotiation process? You might be perceived as greedy, get rejected or be viewed as rocking the boat. You might be desperate for the job and don’t want to do anything that could cause you to lose it. You might jeopardize your relationship with your boss if you ask for a raise. Through this step-by-step proven approach, you will eliminate these and other fears that get in the way of asking for and getting what you want.

A potential employer and job candidate each have an agenda when it comes to negotiation:

The employer is thinking –”How much is this person going to cost me?” He or she doesn’t want to cheat you out of what you’re worth, but there are budget considerations.

The employee is thinking – “How much is this company willing to pay?” Your goal is to get the best salary you can and to ask for what you deserve.

When asking for a raise or negotiating salary, it’s important to realize that you have more bargaining power than you think when negotiating. Whether you want a higher starting salary or a raise, this ten-step negotiation process will help

10-Step Get Paid What You’re Worth Program

Step 1     Get in the right mind-set.
Step 2     Prepare for the negotiation early.
Step 3     Gather information to prove your case.
Step 4     Provide fact-based, quantifiable data.
Step 5     Communicate a persuasive argument.
Step 6     Learn the secrets to negotiating the highest amount.
Step 7     Realize the Dos and Don’ts of negotiation.
Step 8     Negotiate the Best Offer.
Step 9     Consider the impact before accepting an offer.
Step 10   Don’t forget to follow-up.

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