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Don’t rely on the internet for a job – only 3% success rate

Looking for a job? The Internet can be a goldmine. With more than 40,000 job sites, it’s no wondering almost three-fourths of all job seekers use the web as their primary source of job postings.

But there’s a catch! According to AARP, only about one percent of job searchers find their new job via the Internet! Where’s the disconnect? Most people don’t have a job search strategy. It’s far too tempting to simply click on or any of the other popular career-related sites. I encourage my clients to avoid this temptation and to take a more disciplined approach.

Networking is the most effective method for conducting a job search at a success rate of 86%.

Job search takes longer than expected

Finding a new job has become a lot more difficult. You can’t expect to have three great opportunities lined up in the next six weeks. The right opportunity will ultimately come along. Doing a job search and actually landing a job takes a lot longer than most people expect. Expect the real possibility of having more disappointments, lost opportunities and possible rejection.

9-Step Job Searching Program

Whether you are unemployed or employed and looking for a new job, you should invest in this proven 9-Step Job Searching Program. While there are many generic services to help you find a job, Joel offers you personalized coaching that will give you the advantage you need to get the job you want quickly.

Step 1 – Survive (and thrive) during job transition
Through constant phone and email communication with Joel, you’ll learn how to overcome fear and self-doubt so you can embark on your job search with clarity, direction, purpose and hope.

Step 2 – Target the exact role, industry and job you strongly desire
Joel will help you develop a customized strategy to target the specific industries, companies and job titles that you most want.

Step 3 – Avoid the critical mistakes most job seekers make
Joel will help you design a disciplined and aggressive action plan. This “road map to success” outlines the strategic tactics you’ll need to avoid costly mistakes and get the job you want.

Step 4 – Stand out with a result-driven resume that gets you noticed
Joel will help you craft a carefully designed resume and persuasive cover letter so you can dramatically increase your odds of securing an interview.

Step 5 – Unleash the power of networking
You’ll learn how to leverage your network to find job leads for the career you desire.

Step 6 – Win the interview game
Joel will make sure you are thoroughly prepared to approach every interview with confidence. You’ll be able to handle the tough questions, set the agenda and close the deal.

Step 7 – Choose the right offer
Sometimes what appears to be the best offer on the surface is not the right offer to help you meet your career objectives. You’ll learn how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various job offers.

Step 8 – Negotiate for top salary
You’ll learn the secrets for successful salary negotiation and the skills to bargain for top dollar (and other perks) for your new job.

Step 9 – Hit the ground running on your new job
Once you start your new job, Joel will be a valuable resource to help you make an immediate, influential impact on your organization.

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