Executive Outplacement Services

Support Transitioning Workers with Employee Outplacement Services

Our outplacement employment services are designed to help companies find new jobs for displaced workers. We provide unique, personalized assistance at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. Whether it’s a downsized manager, or an experienced high-level leader in need of senior executive outplacement, this outplacement firm moves workers quickly through the job search process.

When confronted with the many difficulties associated with job loss, our track record as an experienced outplacement firm makes us the best choice for finding new employment fast. Using a proven strategy for helping people land a job, we develop an individual outplacement plan to your specific situation and your unique objectives.

Customized approach to your outplacement needs

Our personalized, customized approach is designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Unlike outplacement service firms that limit interaction with affected workers to group meetings, seminars and workshops, our emphasis is on one-to-one personal coaching. We have found it to be the most effective way of addressing the complex practical and emotional issues related to downsizing, layoffs and restructuring.

This program is the most customized employment outplacement services. The job search coach tailors his expertise, experience and tools to ensure you have a successful career transition. He combines over 17 years of first-hand expertise in the job search and career transition field with more than a decade of experience coaching executives, senior managers, directors and supervisors. So he understands the behavioral and psychological challenges faced when going through a job search. Rest assured, you will find an honest, qualified and understanding coach to work with to help each outplacement individual find a job quickly.

We’ve Taken the High Cost out of Outplacement Services

Our outplacement program is priced much lower than the large, national firms. We don’t believe in investing in “frills” that don’t work (mass mailings and telemarketing), or that are not necessary (office space, desk, administrative services and computers). Most job seekers don’t need full access to offices, computers and clerical support. What you will receive from this program is exactly what your workers need to get the job quickly.

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