Executive Coaching

Advance up the corporate ladder

Don’t focus only on merit and hard work as foundations to advancement. Career advancement is determined by the perception you create, not just skill and merit. This coaching program helps you create the right perception so you will receive the promotions you deserve. You’ll make yourself visible to the people who have the power to influence your career. With coaching, you’ll learn to create impact, develop relationships with top executives and position yourself for promotions. The more people who recognize your value, the quicker you’ll advancement and contribute to your company.

At this point in your career what worked in the past, won’t work now.

Where you want to go in your career requires that you call upon a new set of skills. These new skills are different then what you used up to this point. My clients have advanced quickly and confidently up the corporate ladder. What did they do to take their career to the next level? My clients have shown the best practices to advance your career.

  • Increased value to the company
  • Mastered the art of visibility and self-promotion
  • Broadened the sphere of influence
  • Navigated company politics
  • Be recognized as capable and competent by upper-management.
  • Identify advocates who endorse promotions
  • Be assigned meaningful, high profile projects.

If you want to adopt any of these best practices and get ahead at work, contact Joel Garfinkle to discuss your executive coaching needs at 510-339-3201 or send an email to joel@GarfinkleExecutiveCoaching.com.

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