Dream Job Career Coaching

Work Fulfillment = Passions + Talents

You spend one-third of your life at work, so you deserve to feel fulfilled by it. The coaching process focuses on helping you find the perfect job that aligns with your passions and natural talents. Begin doing what you truly love based on the innate gifts that naturally define who you are.

Dream Job Career Coaching doesn’t just focus on helping you transition from one job to the next, but shows you how to properly align your deepest interests and passions with a career that truly embodies who you are.

Dream Job Career Coaching Helps You
  • Harness your passion into your daily work life.
  • Change your profession
  • Re-enter the work force
  • Relocate or transfer
  • Turn your innate gifts and passions into ideal work
  • Create deeper meaning in your life

Joel provides a unique 7-Step Dream Job Coaching Process. The 7-Step Dream Job Process works from the inside out and focuses on the whole person instead of simply assigning random job titles to match qualifications. This action-oriented process has
specific exercises and tools to reveal the unique talents typically hidden under layers of doubts and self-imposed limitations.

Contact Joel Garfinkle to discuss your career coaching needs at 510-339-3201 or send an email to joel@DreamJobCoaching.com.

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