3 Solid Strategies to Advance your Career

By July 27, 2011April 11th, 2020Career Advancement

A chief is a man who assumes responsibility. He says, “I was beaten;” he does not say, “My men were beaten.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~

During my business leadership training seminars, I teach strategies that can help clients advance their careers. To learn all of these strategies, you’ll have to attend one of my seminars, but here are a few things you can start working on now.

1. Develop Your Financial Vocabulary

In business, nothing matters more than the bottom line. Learn as much as you can about costs, profit margins, and accounting so that you will be able to make a case for proposed projects based on projected profits and cost savings.

2. Build Relationships with People

Money might be the bottom line, but you won’t advance far in your career by trampling over everyone in your way—at least not for long. Work to develop good relationships at work. You never know when the receptionist you always took for granted might turn out to be the key to getting you an important meeting.

3. Take on Extra Responsibilities

Take the initiative to find ways to do more than what is required in your current position. It may not be the perfect job for you, but give it everything you’ve got and your boss will take your hard work into consideration when it comes time for a raise or promotion.

Look for opportunities to stand out from the crowd at work, and take advantage of any opportunities you have to improve your knowledge and skills. If you can, attend business leadership training to learn the skills you need to advance quickly in your career.

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