Are You Making Any of These 7 Leadership Mistakes?

By August 7, 2011April 20th, 2020Developing Leadership Skills
Are You Making Any of These 7 Leadership Mistakes


A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.

~ Author Unknown

Successful leaders implement strategies that motivate and empower their employees while avoiding common pitfalls. A business leadership and motivation training course teaches managers how to do both. Managers who have strong leadership skills are able to nurture their employees’ strengths and help them develop their skills to improve their performance.

7 Leadership Mistakes Ineffective Managers Make

There are seven main traits that the American Management Association has found that most ineffective managers share. Managers who want to improve their leadership skills should strive to avoid these undesirable traits:

  • Not being sensitive to employees’ needs.
  • Being arrogant or distant.
  • Sharing information that should be kept confidential.
  • Not controlling their ambition.
  • Not delegating work and failing to get employees to work together as a team.
  • Inability to choose the right staff when hiring.
  • Inability to make strategic plans to achieve goals.

Traits of a Successful Leader

Simply avoiding negative traits is not enough to make you a successful leader. Managers who stop there will be mediocre at best. To become strong leaders, they must learn techniques to help them inspire their employees. This is where motivation training and business leadership courses come in. By attending this type of training, managers will learn to lead by example and become better at motivating their employees to accomplish great things. Here are three traits that great leaders share:

  1. Ability to Compromise
    Successful leadership is not about getting your own way. It is about getting people to work together to accomplish something that couldn’t be done as well by a single person working alone. A good leader is skilled at offering compromises in order to get everyone on the team working toward the same goal.
  2. Willingness to Sacrifice
    A great leader is willing to make sacrifices to inspire and motivate team members. Alexander the Great did this when he refused to drink water even though he and his men were dying of thirst. There was not enough water for everyone, and he refused to drink until there was enough water for all of them.
  3. Believing in Others
    You’ll have a hard time getting your employees to perform at their best if you do not believe in their abilities. By giving team members projects that are a little bit more difficult than what they have done in the past, you help them stretch their abilities and encourage them to develop new skills. Make sure to let them know that you know the project is difficult, but you believe in their ability to get the job done. Don’t just leave them feeling overwhelmed; you must encourage them and help them believe in themselves.

By completing a business leadership and motivation training course, managers can learn how to avoid leadership mistakes, help employees improve their skills and productivity, and find ways to lead by example to provide motivation to employees. This will result in a more effective workforce and increase the company’s profit margin.

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