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Are You Always Stressed and Hurrying at Work? Learn to Break Your Rush Syndrom Cycle
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Are you continually rushing? Are you feeling a sense of urgency throughout your day? Going from meeting to meeting, feeling that your work is out of control. You’re chronically short on time and feel obsessed with packing productivity into every moment. This book, Stressed and Hurrying at Work, will help you diagnose your rush syndrome and determine what triggers it.

Do you have rush syndrome?

If you’re doing some of these 5 things, you probably do have rush syndrome:

  1. You talk fast, trying to get out the words as quickly as possible.

  2. You finish your lunch as fast as possible.

  3. You feel your pulse racing as you wait in traffic or in line.

  4. You’re always fixated on time constraints.

  5. You rarely or never allow yourself a real chance to take a break and relax.

What causes you to rush (and increase your stress at work)?

If you are feeling completely stressed out at work, do you these common fears often trigger your need to rush?

  1. Fear of falling behind at work.

    You find yourself perpetually playing catch-up, without ever truly catching up.

  1. Fear of being late for meetings.

    You rush from one meeting to the next, always afraid you’re about to be late.

  1. Fear of not completing an “urgent” task soon enough.

    You fear you’ll let others down if you don’t check off those urgent requests from your to-do list soon enough.

  1. Fear of missing a deadline.

    Instead of questioning why you’ve set or agreed to such unrealistic deadlines, you stay focused on what will happen if you miss one.

It’s time to face facts: Rushing is increasing your stress at work, impacting your health, your mind, and your life. You’re missing out on the moments you should be savoring, because your mind is always somewhere else.

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