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16 Essential Qualities that Define Great Leaders
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In the book, 16 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leaders, you will learn the key characteristics of an outstanding leader. The ideal behaviors, mindset, and habits of a successful businessperson.

The Five Major Categories for the 16 Qualities of Great Leaders

These leadership qualities fall into five categories that are central to developing a well-rounded leadership ability:

  1. Business intelligence

  2. Risk-taking

  3. Interpersonal relationships

  4. Performance improvement

  5. Self-development

Powerful Enhancements to Every Employee’s Career

When well-honed and used in a strategic, thoughtful manner, the 16 qualities outlined in this book will have a positive impact on you and your company. Any time and energy spent developing them will be well worthwhile. In fact, these traits are priceless, powerful enhancements to every employee’s career.

By applying the 16 qualities of a great leader, you will:

  • Gain the confidence and respect of your coworkers and supervisors.

  • Increase your responsibility and value to the company.

  • Boost visibility for your contributions to your company’s success.

  • Eliminate the roadblocks that keep you from rising to the top of your organization.

  • Gain recognition for being capable and competent by upper-level management.

  • Identify advocates who will endorse your advancement.

  • Chart a decisive career path to maximize your potential.

  • Accomplish and surpass your professional, personal, and financial goals.

This book will help you quickly move toward higher levels of management

To become an essential member of your department and to advance through the management ranks, you need to act the part. Learning and using these traits will quickly move you toward the levels of management and responsibility that you desire and set you apart from your peers. In turn, you will make a stronger contribution, increase your value to your organization, and have a powerful impact on your company’s bottom line.

The Leadership qualities, outlined in this book, are the characteristics needed to become great leaders.

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