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Get Paid What You’re Worth: How to Negotiate a Raise or Higher Starting Salary

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Get Paid What You’re Worth: Vital Strategies for Negotiating Your Salary or Next Raise

Do you feel a shiver go down your spine at the thought of asking your boss for a raise or negotiating your starting salary? Like many workers, you may be underemployed, meaning you don’t earn the salary you deserve.

Get Paid What You’re Worth will teach you how to implement proven strategies for approaching those conversations. After reading stories of how others have successfully negotiated their salary or a raise, you’ll learn how to take action yourself, knowing you deserve to earn what you’re worth.

Through a 10-step process, Joel will teach you to do all of the following salary negotiation strategies:

  1. Adopt the right mindset.

    Radiating belief in yourself—and truly knowing your value to the company—will set you up for success.

  2. Start preparing early.

    Begin months in advance, if possible. Determine the best time to negotiate, and create a stellar resume.

  3. Collect supporting info.

    Research the salaries of similar jobs in your area so you’ll know what you ought to be making.

  4. Share the facts.

    Leverage hard data when presenting your achievements, in order to illustrate your full value to the company. Know the four key points you need to highlight, which Joel will explain.

  5. Craft a compelling argument.

    Learn to eloquently share what you’ve done for the organization already and what you plan to contribute down the road. Consider any potential questions or concerns your boss may bring up, and have a persuasive counterargument ready.

  6. Know how to initiate the negotiation.

    If you’re asked to name your target salary first, know how to respond—and where to go from there.

  7. Learn crucial dos and don’ts for any negotiation.

    Know more than a dozen key negotiating techniques like always asking for more than you want and not letting “no” prevent you from getting what you deserve.

  8. Know the psychology of negotiation.

    Learn how to read the other party, interpret various potential responses, and use the element of surprise to your advantage.

  9. Consider factors other than pay.

    Think about aspects of the job like title, role, benefits, retirement plan, and how the company will support your growth.

  10. Follow up.

    Look at a raise or offer as a beginning, not an end point. Deliver on what you have promised to set yourself up for success at the next stage of the journey in order to maximize your earning potential down the road.

Once you master these strategies, salary negotiation won’t feel so scary. Smart companies pay their talented employees what they’re worth, and the key is to clearly communicate your value. Jam-packed with tools, tips, and negotiation secrets, this book demystifies the salary negotiation process and shows you how to become a confident, capable negotiator.

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Here’s a small sampling of the tips you’ll learn:

  • 12 methods for determining your target salary
  • 4 key ways to ensure your boss sees your full value
  • 2 ways to reply when asked early on to name your desired salary
  • 10 concerns to overcome in the negotiation process
  • 22 surefire strategies to negotiate the salary you’re worth
  • 15 secrets to getting the highest dollar amount possible
  • The 8 best times to start negotiating salary

Joel has coached hundreds of clients on how to handle salary negotiations and get the raise and promotion they desire, coaching many women leaders, minorities, and aspiring executives to success. In this book, he’ll help you achieve your target salary and the recognition you deserve too.

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