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Book by Joel Garfinkle
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Finding a new job takes a lot of legwork, and for various reasons, now might not feel like the right time for that. Not to worry—with a little ingenuity, you can take ownership of your career by turning the job you have into the job of your dreams. Through strategies like shifting your attitude, mastering time management so you can do more of what you’re passionate about, and owning your talents, you’ll soon find tremendous satisfaction with your job. In this actionable guide, Joel will show you how to start loving the work you do today.

This book delves into four key ways to turn your current job into the job of your dreams. Joel will show you how to do each of the following:

  1. Get more satisfaction from your current role.

    Feeling unfulfilled or just plain bored by your work? Conduct a thorough self-analysis to find where you’ve put up self-defeating habits that you need to work through. Chances are, you can find many ways to unleash your creativity, skills, and talents within your current role, making you more enthusiastic about your job. Learn to surmount barriers to job satisfaction, pitch your ideas with confidence, pursue higher-priority projects, and love your work.

  2. Find work-life balance.

    Each of us has many roles in life, and our fulfillment in all of these areas informs the level of energy and motivation we bring to our work. Look at which areas you need to tend to more carefully. Think about how to nurture your own growth at work, too. Determine what resources will give you the support you need in order to increase your responsibility, like having a trusted coach. Simplify every dimension of your life in order to reduce your stress and find a sense of peace in all that you do. This will lead to a healthy work-life balance.

  3. Ramp up your productivity.

    Know how to effectively set priorities and boundaries so you’ll stay focused on what’s most crucial. Learn your most productive times, so you can block out your day to your best advantage. Use strategies like underpromising and delegating to boost your efficiency and productivity while driving results.

  4. Discover what enriches your life.

    Figure out what nourishes and recharges you, both at work and at home. Think about current and former hobbies that helped your creativity to flourish. Do things you’re passionate about, which will give you more satisfaction with your job and keep you excited about every aspect of life.

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I never imagined I could transform my current job into my dream job. But, that is exactly what this book taught me. I was able to recapture excitement in my work and to create the work situation I always wanted. I began to actually enjoy my work and look forward to going to the office each day. My job now has personal meaning to me. I’ve never grown so much in my career… by staying in the same job!
Paul Barkley
Systems Analyst

I was frustrated. My career seemed stuck on the ‘pause’ button. This book helped me bring new levels of fulfillment into my current assignment. I learned how to regularly review my work so that I can continually bring more of what I love to my job. I know how to have open and constructive dialogue with my superiors about my job and how it can better fit who I am. I’m able to reveal more of my gifts and talents so they can be fully utilized in my work.
Toby Johnson
Marketing Manager

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