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Land Your Dream Job
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Readers are guided through a proven, seven-step action-oriented process that helps them define and land work that matches their natural gifts and passions. This book has been used with great success to guide clients from virtually all professions into fulfilling vocations.

Whether you’re seeking a career change after forty or just starting out in a career, Land Your Dream Job helps you reach your ultimate fulfillment!

200 pages + 100 unique exercises

Land Your Dream Job is filled with 200 pages of secrets to turn your job into a dream career. You’ll also find more than 100 unique exercises and valuable information that will help you define and land your dream job. Using engaging exercises and tools, you will reveal the unique talents and passions that make you…you.

6 reasons why Land Your Dream Job book is so effective

The dream job process works from the inside out, focusing on the whole person instead of just matching job titles with qualifications. Each section provides readers with fresh perspectives, powerful solutions, valuable resources, and advice to help them identify and land their dream job.

  • 1:1 coaching support

    The book provides a feeling of one-on-one coaching support, similar to a hands-on coaching experience.

  • 2 clients featured in the book

    Two composite characters are featured throughout the book, providing strong examples to whom readers can personally relate.

  • Self-reflection exercises

    Self-reflection exercises reveal readers’ talents and passions in an easy, enlightening manner.

  • Action steps for each and every chapter.

    Specific action steps are the primary focus of every chapter—guiding readers stage by stage through the proven and successful Dream Job process.

  • Over 50 exercises

    Exercises are structured to teach readers how to apply and practice what they learn so they’ll maintain momentum and achieve immediate results.

  • Proven 7-step process

    The content is crisp, keeping readers engaged with the progressive seven-step process without becoming discouraged.

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