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Job Searching Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Finding the Job You Need Fast
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Action-oriented job search system

Job Searching Made Easy book will show you how to find a job in a clear, defined, and disciplined process. This structured approach encourages the reader to be action-oriented, motivated and focused on the most important steps to finding a new job in the shortest period of time.

In this job search book you will learn:

  • Surviving (and thriving) during the job transition

    Manage the transition of the job loss by studying specific techniques that help you stay motivated and engaged throughout the job search process.

  • Targeting the exact role, industry and job you most want

    Develop a personalized strategy targeting specific industries, companies and job titles.

  • Avoiding the mistakes almost every job seeker makes when job hunting

    Learn the #1 mistake that causes people to settle for a mediocre job. Create a defined and Design a disciplined, yet aggressive action plan. This “road map to success” identifies tactics and timelines for gaining results in the shortest amount of time.

  • Crafting a result-driven resume that gets you the job

    Instead of the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, this job hunting book helps you craft a tailored, powerful resume and cover letter that dramatically increase your chance of getting recognized and gaining an interview.

  • Unleashing the power of networking

    Leverage the most proven source of job leads: your network. This powerful resource turns into a hard charging “sales force” determined to assist you find your next job.

  • Winning the interview game

    Approach each interview thoroughly prepared and confident. Your pre-interview briefing equips you to handle the toughest questions, set the agenda and close the deal.

  • Choosing the right offer

    Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various offers and select the one that’s right for you and your career goals.

  • Negotiating top salary

    Confidently and successfully bargain for top dollar (and other perks) for your new job.

  • Hitting the ground running on your new job

    Finally, once you’re on your new job, he’ll be a resource to ease your anxiety and capitalize on ways for you to have an immediate, positive impact on your organization.

Inside secrets job hunting tips

This job search book provides the inside secrets on surviving the transition of termination, creating a winning resume, mastering the interview process and, most importantly, landing the job and receive the salary you need in less than half the time.

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