How to Be a Great Boss by Joel Garfinkle

How to Be a Great Boss: Learn what makes a good boss—seven secrets of success
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How to Be a Great Boss: The Secret Sauce of Success

No one is born knowing how to be a good boss. Developing the skills of a great manager and leader takes commitment and effort—though often, people get promoted to boss status without any preparation. Being skilled in your previous role won’t make you a great boss. But by honing in on the qualities of a good boss, you’ll get the most from your employees and increase their loyalty to your company.

This book will show you exactly what makes a good boss. As one of the top executive coaches in the country, Joel Garfinkle has helped thousands of bosses to become true leaders who drive results. In How to Be a Great Boss, he delivers a hard-hitting, straightforward, colorful guide to cultivating the essential skills every boss needs to have. From how to train, motivate, and empower your employees to how to instill the right workplace culture, How to Be a Great Boss shows you how to become the skilled coach and mentor you’ve always wanted to be. Along the way, he shares success stories and anecdotes to make each point clear.

In this book, Joel illustrates how developing the seven core competencies of a great boss can bring every boss from good to great. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you can stand to improve in order to get more from your people, and How to Be a Great Boss will show you how to reach the next level.

What are the core qualities that every good boss has? A great boss does these 7 things:

  1. Empowers employees.
  2. Provides people with growth opportunities.
  3. Trains people through feedback.
  4. Makes difficult choices.
  5. Shows gratitude.
  6. Instills a positive workplace culture.
  7. Shares a vision of the future.

People don’t quit because they want higher pay. They quit their jobs because they have bad bosses. Avoiding common mistakes bosses make and mastering these seven qualities will ensure that doesn’t happen to you! Your employees will know you’re in their corner, working every day to help them rise through the ranks.

This book will walk you through how to master the qualities a good boss must have. How? For example, in the first section, you’ll learn to:

  1. Delegate responsibility in meaningful ways.
  2. Convey the overarching vision to your team.
  3. Trust employees to do their jobs well.
  4. Stop micro-managing people.
  5. Use clear communication at all times.
  6. Identify your high-potential employees.
  7. Allow for the freedom to take risks and fail.

In each section, you’ll find a do-it-now challenge that presents several actions you can take right away to grow your “great boss” qualities. Along the way, you’ll learn to help people set and achieve clear goals while maintaining a healthy work/life balance, allowing them to truly thrive in their careers. As you move through the lessons in the book, you’ll jumpstart your success as a great boss.

What makes a good boss? You do! Making small changes consistently, using the tools in this book, will make you the boss your people deserve.

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