Executive Presence Book
– Leadership Qualities to Convey Confidence
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When you and your employees begin exuding the confidence that executive presence entails, top leadership will more easily see you becoming next-level leaders. These senior leaders will be naturally drawn to you, opening new doorways to increased responsibility.

Executive Presence book will show you new strategies on how to project conviction, be assertive, and lead with gravitas. Key attributes to having a stronger leadership presence.

Executive Presence will teach your leaders gravitas, authority, and expression

What is executive presence and do you get it? Let’s take a more detailed look at each of the three executive presence (EP) domains. To be a leader with executive presence, you must :

  • Radiate Gravitas.

    Leaders with executive presence demonstrate an innate self-assurance that leads others to trust them implicitly. They step up to the plate whenever strong leadership is needed.

  • Act with Authority.

    Leaders who model executive presence are assertive and persuasive, projecting an aura of being in charge.

  • Express Yourself Fully.

    Leaders with executive presence make their ideas and opinions known. They are outspoken but share the most essential ideas rather than rambling.

Who is this Executive Presence book for?

Here are the three key audiences who will benefit from this book.

Top-level leaders and senior executives benefit from an improved executive presence.

The higher you rise in an organization, the more leadership presence becomes a necessity. At the senior executive level, you are already expected to have executive presence. If your executive presence isn’t fully developed or is underutilized, you’ll come across as having less credibility and in turn receive less respect. This executive presence book will help you present yourself your their ideas with conviction, authority, confidence, and command.

Future company leaders.

These are the fast-rising, high-potential employees who are the up-and-coming stars of the organization. These aspiring and emerging leaders need to have executive presence to succeed in advanced positions.

Managers who want to help their employees grow into leaders.

Managers want their employees to develop executive presence. As a leader, bringing executive presence to your team will elevate their potential and impact. Apply what you are learning in this book to help them improve their executive presence.

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