Executive Presence: Becoming a More Effective and Influential Business Leader
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Executive Presence – Top Leadership Book for Conveying Confidence

What image do you think of when you hear the words “executive presence”? Chances are, you envision a person who commands attention effortlessly. All heads turn when he or she comes into the room.

You can become that person by cultivating leadership presence—and in Executive Presence: 4 Ways to Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader, Joel will show you how.

Here’s a quick summary of this leadership book’s five key focus areas, which are all dimensions of executive presence:

  1. Business intelligence:

    Thinking strategically about your company’s future and the role you play in achieving it. You’ll learn to take the long view and create a plan for fulfilling your goals for the company. Further, you’ll learn the language of finance, which all high-level leaders must speak.

  2. Interpersonal relationships:

    Developing exceptional communication skills that allow you to speak powerfully in order to motivate others. You’ll learn how to advocate for the things that will further the organization’s growth as a whole, not just within your department or team.

  3. Performance improvement:

    Operating at a peak level of performance on a daily basis. You’ll learn to focus on the things that matter most and manage your stress level effectively, maintaining a healthy work-life balance. And you’ll overcome self-defeating habits and turn that critical inner voice into your own personal cheerleader.

  4. Risk-taking:

    Moving beyond your comfort zone on a consistent basis. You’ll learn to challenge yourself to step past self-imposed roadblocks and limitations, tackling new responsibilities that will put you in the spotlight. Through risk-taking, you’ll grow your strengths.

  5. Self-development:

    Engaging in lifelong learning about yourself and your organization. First, you need to deeply know yourself in order to leverage your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. You’ll learn to use feedback to gain constructive criticism that allows you to hone your leadership potential.

As you master the lessons of this essential book on leadership that are summarized here, you’ll chart a career path that fulfills your full potential, gain the respect of your coworkers and superiors, and increase the value you bring to your company. You’ll determine opportunities for exposure, identity advocates, and take on high-profile projects that broaden your visibility and influence. As your executive presence continues to grow, you’ll find yourself meeting and surpassing your professional goals.

As an accomplished motivational speaker and executive coach, Joel has guided thousands of prestigious clients and companies to success. In this leadership book, he has synthesized his advice on cultivating executive presence into a highly approachable guide that every leader needs on his or her digital bookshelf. With this book, you’ll learn how to quickly rise up through the ranks through effective self-promotion that boosts your visibility and influence.

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