Motivational Books for Business Leaders

Keep Learning and Growing: Build Your Leadership Library

One of the top motivational speakers and authors in the U.S., Joel has written seven motivational books for business leaders. He’s featured in The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching (John Wiley and Sons), and has contributed to Leader to Leader, an award-winning quarterly journal published by the Peter F. Drucker Foundation.

While a training, keynote speech, or seminar with Joel may be a one-time event, your aspiring leaders can continue to hone their skills with a library of motivational books on business leadership. Joel’s books allow your emerging leaders to keep building on what they have learned in his workshop or keynote speech, giving aspiring leaders the support they need to continue their leadership journey. As a skilled motivational author and speaker, Joel focuses on seven key areas of leadership in a highly approachable way. These books lay the foundation for continued development, giving leaders ongoing advice that catalyzes profound growth.

Executive Presence

Executive presence is a vital quality for every leader to develop. The good news is, leaders don’t need to be born with it—they can cultivate it within themselves. This book shows how to develop executive presence and leverage it to the fullest. For leaders who already possess executive presence, this book provides guidance on how to radiate gravitas, act decisively and with authority, communicate powerfully at all times, and cultivate a winning reputation. For aspiring leaders who do not yet have executive presence, this book walks them through the key stages of developing this vital quality. Through this motivational book, business leaders will hone the ability to inspire and guide their team to success.

Getting Ahead

What leads one person to achieve more success than another? The ability to build and leverage perception, visibility, and influence. If you let your work speak for itself, you’ll remain undiscovered and underutilized in your organization. This book will motivate hidden leaders to step into the spotlight by showing them how to stand out, get noticed, and rise up through the ranks.

How To Be A Great Boss

No one is born with all the skills to excel as a boss. Those abilities take careful cultivation and practice—and finding the right learning resources is the first step. This book shares how to excite and empower employees, encourage their growth, and enhance your workplace culture. Using the techniques discussed in this book, Joel has coached thousands of bosses to excellence. Now it’s your turn. Learn how to become the trusted leader and mentor your employees will remember forever

Difficult Conversations

Conflict, controversy, and confrontation happen in every workplace. That’s why you and your people need to learn techniques for navigating these tough situations without escalating problems. In this book, you’ll learn how to productively handle conflict in ways that achieve positive outcomes, how to approach authority figures with constructive criticism, how to ask your boss for a raise, and even how to let an employee go. As a result, you’ll develop a culture of handling difficult conversations with skill and compassion.

Get Paid What You’re Worth

“Underemployed” has become a popular buzzword for good reason—millions of Americans believe they are not getting paid what they’re worth. That means underpaid workers need a strategy for negotiating their own worth. To begin, they need to define and believe in their worth to their company. Joel shares the secrets of advocating for your own worth in order to get the salary you deserve, along with key dos and don’ts for negotiating pay. You’ll learn the best practices that have proven successful in helping people to get their desired salary.

Time Management Mastery

Unless you’re the rare exception, you and your team are stressed out, working overtime, and bombarded by information all day long. You can’t eliminate stress from your work life, but you can dramatically reduce it by learning how to handle it in ways that prevent it from spiraling. This book delves into seven key elements of achieving a low-stress work life that will improve your overall wellbeing and ramp up your productivity.

Love Your Work

If you’re searching for greener pastures, try looking at your own desk. Rather than vying for a new job, you can turn the job you already have into the job of your dreams. Learn how to tackle new challenges and embrace new possibilities in your current role, giving you more satisfaction from the work you do every day and allowing you to truly shine. This book shares techniques and tips that you can start using right now to achieve the job of your dreams today.

Through these motivational business leadership books as well as Joel’s library of leadership articles, you and your team will keep developing the fundamental skills of great leaders. Catalyze continued growth in your emerging leaders by providing them with these valuable resources from one of the top motivational authors, trainers, and speakers in the world: Joel Garfinkle.

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