Promotions at Work – Learn How to Win the Battle

By July 17, 2011April 11th, 2020Career Advancement
Promotions at Work – Learn How to Win the Battle


If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.

~ Jack Welch

The fiercest competition you are likely to encounter will occur in the battle for promotions at work. Many of my clients work at companies where a bunch of executives (including your boss) sit around a table discussing whether you should receive a promotion. They talk about your character, your leadership qualities, the projects you manage, the people you oversee, the results you achieve, and your overall performance. Each manager tries to sell his or her candidate as the most deserving person for the promotion, while other members of the group will want to know why YOU deserve it. This environment is so competitive that you need to hone every asset you possibly can. Here are two tips you can implement to help you get that next promotion:

  1. Rally Some Support

    Have your manager, other managers, and executives you’ve worked with share why YOU deserve the promotion. Only one person can be chosen for the position, so you need to have as many people as possible on your side in that meeting. Make it easy for your manager to explain why you deserve to get promoted. Provide documentation that your boss can use to show what you have accomplished in your current position.

  2. Don’t Wait

    If you want to get a promotion at work, you need to take steps to get noticed by your boss and other executives well in advance. Don’t wait until there is a position available to start working toward a job promotion. Every day, you will find opportunities to outshine your co-workers if you look for them. Don’t just do the minimum that is required in your job. Look for additional projects you can take on, make an effort to expand your network, and do your best work every single day. When an opportunity for advancement becomes available, you will be the first person your boss thinks of to recommend for the position.

Review How to Get a Promotion for more tips to help you improve your odds of getting the promotion you deserve, and if you’re really serious about advancing up the corporate ladder, check out my book, Executive Presence.

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