Coaching Services

Whether you desire a more fulfilling career; want to make a career change; need help looking for a job; deserve to be paid what you’re worth; or want to advance to higher levels within your organization, Joel offers individual coaching that’s tailored to your unique needs and desires. He provides a clearly laid out and defined coaching processes with a disciplined and structured coaching approach.

Many of you are at different stages of your career so choose the right coaching service that best suits your needs.

Executive Coaching

If you’re tired of being overlooked for promotions and want to increase your visibility and gain the recognition you deserve, Joel’s program will help you become an influential business leader. His customized coaching helps you move to higher levels of leadership by creating impact, exercising influence, boosting visibility and achieving significant victories on key projects.

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Dream Job Career Coaching

You spend one-third of your life at work, so you deserve to feel fulfilled by it. Joel’s unique 7-Step Dream Job Process focuses first and foremost on helping you find the perfect job that was designed just for you. His process taps into your natural gifts and talents with your passions to know the career you were put on this earth to do.

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Job Coaching

Joel’s proven 9-step job search program will help you land the job in less than half the time. Through this program you’ll create a result-driven resume that gets you the interview, effectively network so others help you find the job fast and interview successfully so you move from the first round to the offer.

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Salary Negotiation Coaching

Learn the insider tips and salary negotiation secrets to maximize your earning potential. If you want to negotiate your salary or ask for a raise, Joel provides a proven 10-Step “Get Paid What You’re Worth” Program. This process is jam-packed with insider tips, proven strategies and salary negotiation secrets so you can earn what you deserve and get paid what you are worth.

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Executive Outplacement Services

This outplacement program provides services to corporations with displaced workers. Whether you are a manager on your first job or a seasoned, high-level executive, you will receive intensive one-on-one attention and support to help you move quickly and successfully through the job search process.

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